Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychodynamic counselling gives you the support you need to explore and address present difficulties

You are probably wondering what a ‘psychodynamic counsellor’ is.

When we first meet I will ask you questions like ‘what brings you to counselling at this time?’ and ‘what do you want from counselling?’

In other words, I will try to understand something about you in the present and your hopes for the future which will very likely lead to you think about making some changes in the way you lead your life.

Psychodynamic counselling holds that whatever is happening in the present is largely influenced by the past and if the past remains unconscious and is not thought about it will continue to impact on the present situation which brought you to counselling.

Together we will explore how you reached this point in your life, going back into your earliest relationships and your childhood experiences because the unconscious feelings from these continue to actively affect the present.

If instead of being pushed along by emotions arising from your past you become aware of them and take control of them you can make choices about what changes you might make to improve your present situation and for the future.

I meet my clients once a week for 50 minutes in a quiet and confidential room. Together we explore the present difficulties, and the past issues which have given rise to them.

My aim is to help clients understand why their problems stop them getting what they need, want, and deserve from life.

I look forward to meeting you. Contact me at [email protected] to book an initial appointment, or call me on 01865 316130

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