Clients’ Comments

I just want to say THANK YOU for all your help this year.. its been v dark, but now I really do feel the worst is over, and am beginning to feel like myself again.. and ready to start my new life..not possible without your input.

When I came to see Julia, I had struggled with self-harm for almost 20 years. I was so ashamed that I’d never spoken to anyone about it. Julia seems very experienced and it was easy to open up as I didn’t feel judged. She helped me to develop strategies to cope with problems in a different way. In fact, I used to look forward to my sessions with her as I would come away feeling so positive. After three months, I didn’t feel that I needed her help anymore. I haven’t self-harmed in 15 months. I only wish that I’d contacted her sooner.

I feel I am now in control and able to deal with things calmly without getting upset.  I have stopped putting myself down so much…I would like to say a massive thank you….

Excellent.  You are giving me the tools I can use by myself.  I always leave here peaceful and relaxed.

Some positive things you said helped me think who I am and whether to act/react.

I found it worthwhile and beneficial.

I’ve learned to be more open regarding feelings and more honest with myself.  I’ve learned that counselling could help- it never did before.

You’ve been a good listener-understanding and responding back the way I feel…

I feel I can deal with anyone and anything now.

You were always incredibly affirming, which I did not expect from a therapist, but also discerning and perspicuous. I really am most grateful…..

Our sessions have been very helpful.  I do sometimes struggle with inner feelings of fear and insecurity but I seem to emerge out of it with answers…

Thank you for helping make a difference to me with understanding and guidance.  It has worked and will continue to do so.  Many thanks.

I really enjoyed working with you and you have truly helped me to look at things in a whole different way.  Thank you so much.

She was kind without being insincere and honest without being hurtful and has an ability to remember and connect events and feelings which made me feel she understood. I know if I face another period of doubt or uncertainty, I would feel happy asking Julia to help me make sense of it.

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